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Ultimate Guide Top Restaurants in Paris

Bonjour, and welcome to my ultimate guide to the top Paris restaurants!

As a French wedding planner based in this beautiful city, I am intimately familiar with all the best places to eat, drink, and be merry.

And as a lifestyle enthusiast myself, I know that finding the perfect restaurant is an essential part of any memorable experience.

Regardless if you're planning a destination wedding in the city or simply looking for the best restaurant in Paris to try during your visit, I am here to help. My concierge service is designed to make your life easier, taking care of everything from booking luxury cars to securing reservations at the city's most exclusive restaurants.

So whether you're looking for the perfect spot for a Paris wedding welcome dinner, an after-wedding celebration, or simply a romantic meal for two, I've got you covered. Let's dive in and discover the ultimate guide to the top restaurants in Paris!


Get ready to indulge in the culinary delights of Paris as I take you through my carefully curated list of the top 10 restaurants in the City of Light.

1. Girafe Paris

Girafe Paris offers a taste of the sea in the heart of the city, with fresh seafood and fish prepared in all its forms. The restaurant's hushed Art Deco décor and ravishing terrace with views of the Eiffel Tower provide a Parisian atmosphere that perfectly complements the exquisite cuisine. And did I mention that it's one of the most trendy restaurants in Paris?

Girafe paris

2. Loulou Restaurant

Loulou Restaurant is a Mediterranean-inspired gem located right next to the Louvre Museum and the Jardin des Tuileries. It offers a refined and joyful space, where you can indulge in reinvented classics of Mediterranean cuisine made with high-quality local products. Whether you're looking for lunch, dinner, or an aperitivo, Loulou's ambiance and exquisite cuisine offer a true taste of the sweet life in Paris. Don't forget to enjoy the sunny weather on their terrace and take in the beautiful Parisian scenery while sipping a delicious cocktail.

3. Gigi Paris

As a wedding planner based in Paris, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful avenue de Montaigne and its many luxury stores. But what truly makes this area stand out is the exquisite Italian restaurant, Gigi Paris. Here, the focus on quality ingredients and simple yet refined plates makes for a dining experience like no other. From the delicious Arancini to the mouth-watering Torte Al Limone, every dish is designed to be shared and enjoyed with pleasure. If you're looking for a sunny and convivial meal after a day of shopping, Gigi Paris is the perfect spot.

4. Kong Paris

Indulge in Parisian luxury at Kong Paris, where the impeccable decor designed by Philippe Starck sets the stage for a unique dining experience on the rooftops of Paris. With breathtaking panoramic views of the Seine, the Louis Vuitton headquarters, and more, each window provides a unique perspective of the City of Light. Conveniently located near the department store La Samaritaine, Kong Paris is the perfect spot for a luxurious dining experience after a day of shopping.

Kong Paris

5. Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu, a restaurant situated in Paris' Gare de Lyon, is a historical reminder of a bygone era. It opened in 1901 for the World Exposition and was designed to embody the grandeur of France's upper-crust rail cars and services. With its opulent decor and bustling atmosphere, Le Train Bleu is a must-visit for those seeking a taste of Parisian history.

By Catherine Chuang Photography

6. Le Relais de l'Entrecote

Le Relais de l'Entrecôte is a Parisian institution with three locations across the city. Famous for its single-dish menu of steak-frites and secret sauce, this classic French bistro serves up a simple but delicious meal that is not to be missed.

7. Perruche Rooftop

Perched on top of the iconic Printemps Haussmann department store, Perruche Rooftop offers not only an unforgettable dining experience, but also stunning views of the city and the Eiffel Tower. Stop by and enjoy a chic and stylish atmosphere while sipping on cocktails and savoring delicious bites on this magical rooftop.

8. Pink Mamma

Pink Mamma is a big and friendly trattoria spread across four floors and serves delicious Florentine-style meat. Their own cows are bred and fed to produce tender corn-fed meat matured for at least 30 days. Wine lovers can enjoy old vintages right from Tuscan hotels' cellars, while antipasti, pizza, and pasta options cater to those less fond of meat. Don't forget to check out the basement for a surprise!

Pink mamma Paris

9. Joia by Helene Darroze

Joia by Helene Darroze is a culinary masterpiece from the Michelin-starred French chef. Situated on two floors, Joia exudes a casual yet elegant ambiance. The menu blends traditional recipes from grandmothers with London, New York, and Italian-inspired cuisine. While waiting for their next course, friends can crush their own guacamole, while lovers can savor a roasted cogote of hake from Saint-Jean de Luz, accompanied by a Spanish-style chimichurri sauce. Helene Darroze's pedigree and culinary expertise are evident in every dish, making Joia a top choice for couples seeking a world-class dining experience in Paris.

Joia Helene Darroze

10. Bambini

Bambini is the perfect restaurant to dine at after visiting the Palais de Tokyo. The menu features beautiful pasta dishes wrapped in the best Italian ingredients like rigatoni carbonara and beef tagliata, Milanese veal chops, and delicious desserts, including homemade ice cream, tiramisus, and bombini.

Bambini Paris


Looking to continue the festivities after your Parisian wedding? Check out these festive restaurants perfect for partying after any dining experience.

Manko Paris

Manko Paris is a vibrant Peruvian restaurant celebrating the fusion of cultures and flavors from Europe, Japan, China, Africa, and the Andean and Amazonian regions. The menu boasts a variety of colorful ceviches, creative tapas, succulent grilled meats, and inventive cocktails; all served in a lively, stylish atmosphere with live music and performances.

Noto Paris

Noto Paris is a vibrant restaurant that transforms into a party hub at night, with live singers and musicians setting the mood. Indulge in the perfect burrata and Italian wines before dancing to the French variety tunes that start at 10 pm, promising to get everyone on the same page and onto the dance floor.

Le Piaf Paris

Le Piaf Paris is a charming restaurant that offers not just dinner but also a lively atmosphere filled with French standards, American pop, and plenty of dancing and singing. Whether you're looking for a cozy evening with friends or a night out on the town, Le Piaf is the perfect destination for a party.

Le Boeuf sur le Toit

Le Bœuf sur le Toit is not only a top-rated brasserie but also a Music Hall offering a vibrant and lively atmosphere for those seeking a fun and festive night out. With live music performances every evening, Le Bœuf sur le Toit will transport you back in time to the 1920s and 1930s Parisian cabarets.

boeuf sur le toit restaurant paris

Gypsi Motel

Gypsi Motel in Paris is a hidden gem on a perpendicular street to the Champs-Elysées, inviting dandies, nomadic workers, sneakerheads, and spiritual seekers to its hybrid and unapologetically eclectic space.

With a combination of bar, restaurant, art gallery, concept-store, and even a moving cabaret, this 900-square-meter establishment offers a warm, bohemian atmosphere where mythologies and cultures intersect. A visit to the Gypsy Motel is like a journey from Bolinas to Bali, with a touch of Saint-Ouen's flea market.

Verde Paris

Verde Paris is the perfect spot to end your wedding night with style. Chic and trendy, with a touch of Parisian flair, this bar offers sharp cocktails that every cocktail lover must experience at least once. The mixologists aim to make your visit a unique and warm moment that you won't forget.

Verde Paris

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As a wedding planner based in Paris, I have had the privilege of experiencing some of the best restaurants in the city. From the charming Le Relais de l'Entrecôte to the trendy and festive Salvaje, Paris has something for every taste and occasion. And let's not forget the places to party, like Le Gypsy Motel and Noto Paris.

Whether you're planning a destination wedding in Paris or simply looking for a romantic night out, I highly recommend checking out these incredible dining experiences. Trust me, your taste buds and your guests will thank you. So why not add a touch of French elegance to your special day by indulging in the world-renowned cuisine of Paris?

Contact me today, and let's start planning your dream wedding in this beautiful city.

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