Chinese Destination wedding in France

How to plan a Chinese wedding ceremony?

Planning a wedding in the most romantic country in the world can be magnificent, but when it involves different cultures, it needs to maintain a certain level of authenticity and uniqueness. A traditional Chinese wedding ceremony in French surroundings will infuse everyone’s hearts with warmth, but orchestrating this kind of event requires exceptional knowledge of both couples’ cultural backgrounds and the nature of the destination.

Therefore, when you wonder how to plan a Chinese wedding ceremony in Paris, consider that you need an expert to help you create a special and sumptuous nuptial. When it comes to Chinese destination weddings in Paris, my goal is to provide the ultimate support for couples who desire an authentic event in this romantic country. Since planning a nuptial can be quite stressful, I offer to manage everything from accommodation and transportation to arranging a photographer and selecting bridal attire.

I tend to go above and beyond to make your big day special and ensure that you will be treated like a VIP. This should be a memorable day for you, and you need someone by your side who knows exactly how to make this happen.

Chinese wedding in Paris

The magic of a Chinese wedding ceremony in France 

Imagine saying “I do” in a prestigious French wedding château. Now, imagine a love celebration that embodies Chinese culture. You have probably envisioned something elegant and sophisticated, yet colorful and lively. That is the magic of a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony!

What is a Chinese tea ceremony?

A luxury Chinese wedding will be nothing without a traditional tea ceremony. This is an imperative tradition that is not only about lavishness and pretty decoration. It is a custom where the groom and the bride express their gratitude and appreciation to their parents. It is a symbol of respect towards those who raised them and supported them until they reach a point when they are ready to form their own family.

The Chinese tea ceremony includes an abundance of concepts. It is a custom that represents culture, but also elegance and sophistication. It is a chic and colorful setting with a plethora of details, such as flowers and Chinese symbols and attire.

However, this tradition is also an amazing way to unite two cultures since it can be easily combined with French elements and design. In fact, it is an ideal concept for a multicultural wedding.

As a French-born Chinese person, I know exactly how important this tradition is for Chinese people. That is why I strive to achieve perfection when planning a Chinese tea ceremony. Therefore, if you are wondering how to plan a Chinese wedding ceremony in Paris, certainly include this tradition.

Chinese tea ceremony set up

Things to consider when planning a Chinese tea ceremony

If you tend to do this traditional ceremony at a Chinese wedding in Paris, you would want to do it right. This means that you must familiarize yourself with the whole tradition so that it turns out perfectly. Below, I have selected some of the most helpful tips you might find beneficial in order to organize such an event properly.

1. Use nice sophisticated teaware and double happiness decor

I would recommend including some lucky colors – for example, red. It is one of the most meaningful colors, symbolizing happy marriage. You can beautifully include some elements in red for your tea ceremony, such as red teaware, tablecloths, and bedding. It will add a wonderful pop to the whole setting.

Add some details like the « double happiness » Chinese word 囍

Include the symbol to bring the meaning of joy and happiness to your celebration.

Tea Ceremony in France Chateau

When it comes to decor, you can include the double happiness symbol in various ways. Here are a few ideas to spark your inspiration:

  • Double Happiness neon sign for your backdrop
  • Double Happiness lovely paper cut-outs
  • Double Happiness lanterns
  • Double Happiness handmade wooden backdrop
  • Double Happiness paper tag for your centerpieces

An Asian wedding in France is supposed to be colorful, so do not be afraid to use a blend of a variety of colors. However, amid this colorfulness, do not forget to add elegant details, such as tableware in plain tones. You need to create a balance to achieve sumptuousness.

2. Select appropriate attire

The concept of what to wear can get tricky when trying to understand how to plan a Chinese wedding ceremony. When it comes to a Chinese bride, you must ensure that the tea ceremony represents both styles. Since this is a Chinese tradition, the setting is supposed to encompass Chinese details. However, when it comes to attire, you can make a perfect blend.

Therefore, the bride can wear a traditional white wedding gown for the dinner reception and the Chinese dress « qipao » for the tea ceremony. Also, if you wish, you can include a red umbrella when going outside – it symbolizes fertility in marriage.

Planning a chinese ceremony wedding in Paris, France

3. Establish attendants for the ceremony

When figuring out how to plan a Chinese wedding ceremony, you need to establish your guest list. This is not a regular ceremony, so it requires careful planning. Traditionally, only the families of the bride and groom attend this event. However, when it comes to a modern luxury Chinese wedding, the couple can choose who to invite.

Most often, both sides' closest family and friends attend the tea ceremony. The bridesmaids are usually the attendants who pass over the teacups and make the tea. It is quite a ceremonial occasion, so make sure that all of your selected guests know what is expected from them during the ceremony.

4. Choose an elegant place for hosting the tea ceremony

When a destination nuptial is in question, in order to choose an elegant place for this ceremony, you will need a French & Chinese wedding planner in Paris. To obtain the spectacular ambiance that goes with this event, you will need to find a gorgeous French site that will suit this occasion.

I usually recommend hosting your ceremony at a French château because it seems most suitable for a multicultural wedding. The elegance of these places and the beauty of Chinese culture make a perfect combination. This is the level of elegance you desire for a Chinese tea ceremony.

wedding cake inspired chinese traditions and double hapiness

5. Choose an auspicious wedding day

In Chinese culture, the leap months or double spring of the lunar calendar are usually considered the luckiest for marriage. When choosing the date, it is preferable to choose lucky numbers. 9 is the luckiest for marriage because it is pronounced the same as 久 (long-lasting). So, the most favorable dates would be the 9th, 19th, and 29th. However, many other lucky numbers, such as 6 & 8, are also considered highly favorable!

In addition, there are other factors that can influence this, such as the Chinese zodiac of the couple. For example, the animal signs that conflict with one another are Dragon and Dog, Ox and Sheep, Rabbit and Rooster, Rat and Horse, Snake and Pig, and Tiger and Monkey. So that means the bride should avoid Dog day or month if her zodiac is in the sign of the Dragon.

If you wish to delve deeper into choosing the ultimate auspicious date, you should also consider the 8 birth time characters from both of you. The main rule is that your birth year and dates must not be conflicted with the marriage constellation.

luxury chinese bride style

I hope you found these tips insightful! When wondering how to plan a Chinese wedding ceremony in France, my genuine suggestion is to always rely on experts. Destination events can be stressful, especially if you do not have enough knowledge about France and its places. You can only have a dreamy miraculous union if you make the right choices!

If you want to learn more about Chinese traditional weddings and discover the concept of Asian weddings in Paris and France, feel free to get in touch.

As a French-born Chinese, I am highly experienced in these notions, so I can sort out any questions you may have and plan the ceremony you deserve!

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