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TOP Luxury Chateau Wedding Venue in France

With such a fascinating history, breathtaking chateau, and stylish elegance paving the road for timelessly sophisticated weddings, it is no wonder that France is one of the top destinations for couples to crown their love! Of course, if you are here, that means you have been seduced by its beauty and already planning to host your special day at a luxury chateau wedding venue in France. However, I am well aware that with so many choices, finding the perfect one to complement your story might be challenging – and even frustrating.

To ease your decision-making process, as a well-seasoned English, Chinese and French speaking wedding planner in France, I have compiled a listing of some of my favorite Chateau venues in Paris, Provence, Burgundy, Côte d’Azur, and Loire Valley. Plus, I’ve included some helpful information regarding the distance, capacity, and amenities – which are some of the things to consider when planning a chateau wedding in France. If you wish to learn more about all the aspects, visit my latest blog here. And if you strive for a completely stress-free experience, opting for professional planning help can be your best option. It will allow you to savor your engagement period without worrying about any organizational tasks.

Naturally, if you don’t find the ONE on this list below, know that I have more iconic properties in my extensive venue book! Without further ado, let’s explore the top chateau wedding venues near Paris and in France.

You deserve only the best Chateau wedding venue in Paris and France

The allure of planning a chateau wedding in France lies in the rich history and grandeur of these magnificent estates. From stunning architecture to lush gardens and breathtaking views, historical castles offer the perfect backdrop for romantic and unforgettable nuptials. There is a sense of timelessness and sophistication that comes with hosting the celebration of your love story in a luxury chateau wedding venue. As if you are stepping back in time to a bygone era of glamour and opulence, beautifully preserved to perfectly match your refined flair.

Whether you're looking for a modern-chic celebration or a sophisticated soiree, there's a Chateau in France that's perfect for your vision. So sit back, relax, and let me take you on a journey through every best Chateau wedding venue in Paris and France. You'll discover what makes these estates and France the ultimate romantic getaway and the perfect way to start your happily ever after.

  1. Château Vaux le Vicomte - PARIS
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Photography by Raphael Mercier

The top chateau wedding venue near Paris on my list is the stunning Château Vaux le Vicomte. Located less than an hour from Paris, this venue offers a breathtaking setting for your wedding, complete with beautiful gardens and a grand ballroom. With the ability to accommodate up to 200 guests, this chateau also offers the possibility of an unforgettable fireworks display.

  1. Château Chantilly - PARIS
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Photography by Elizaveta

If you value convenience when planning a chateau wedding in Paris, this sumptuous castle is your destination. Château Chantilly is located just 20 minutes from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and has plenty of nearby hotels for your dear guests. The elegant venue boasts a rich history and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a stunning moat.

  1. Château de Villette - PARIS
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Photography by Sorya Pedoussaut

When kind prosperous couples like yourselves are looking for on-site accommodation at the best Chateau wedding venue in Paris and France, my first suggestion is Château de Villette. It is a very inspiring place – it inspired Dan Brown to write the “Da Vinci Code” while staying there. Furthermore, Château de Villette was even included in the screen adaptation of the bestselling book as a filming location. It is a top chateau wedding venue near Paris, only 45 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport. For your convenience, it also offers luxurious on-site accommodations and can host up to 120 guests for your special day.

  1. Château de Vallery - PARIS
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Photography by Celine Chan

For a truly special weekend celebration experience, consider Château de Vallery. With on-site accommodations and the ability to host a welcome dinner, wedding, and brunch the day after, this historical site is perfect for those seeking an intimate and personalized wedding experience.

  1. Château Champlatreux - PARIS
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Photography by Cesarem

Another top chateau wedding venue near Paris awaits you at only 27 km from the city of lights. Château Champlatreux offers a unique blend of history and luxury, with on-site accommodations for up to 12 guests and the ability to host up to 400 guests for your wedding. This venue is perfect if you’re seeking to crown your love in an elegant and grand celebration.

  1. Château du Grand Lucé - LOIRE VALLEY
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Photography by Sarah Harris

If you are looking forward to planning a chateau wedding in France and are seeking a luxurious property near Loire Valley, Château du Grand Lucé is a top choice. Furthermore, the venue offers on-site accommodations (19 rooms – 42 to 44 guests), but when we book it exclusively for our beloved couples, a spa, gym, swimming pool, and gardens are also available! This makes it the perfect choice for a luxurious and relaxing wedding weekend.

  1. Château Challain - LOIRE VALLEY
Photography by Catherine Chuang

When modern couples dream of a fairytale wedding in France, they often depict something like the experience Château Challain offers. Any chateau wedding planner in France would agree, Challain is a top pick in the Loire Valley, with its elegant ballroom, stunning gardens, and on-site accommodations for up to 26 guests.

  1. Château Saint-Georges - CÔTE D'AZUR
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Photography by Jeremie HKB

France is more than just the lights of Paris, and in that manner, a nuptial on the French Riviera is a divine experience. Moreover, only 40 km from the Nice airport, Château Saint-Georges is by any criteria the best chateau wedding venue on the French Riviera. With on-site accommodations and the ability to host up to 100 guests, this venue offers a truly romantic setting for your special day.

  1. Château Martinay - PROVENCE
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In the heart of Provence, Château Martinay offers on-site accommodations for up to 24 guests and can host up to 120 guests for your wedding. With its stunning gardens and luxurious amenities, this French castle is perfect for those seeking a romantic and intimate union celebration.

  1. Château d’Estoublon - PROVENCE
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Photography by Jeremie HKB

Get enchanted by the poetry of the landscape in Provence, and rent the whole castle as your private property for a 3-day fee. Château d’Estoublon offers on-site accommodations, the ability to host up to 250 guests, and a stunning outdoor setting ideal for a summer al fresco fete.

  1. Château de Tourreau - PROVENCE
Top wedding chateau venue in France
Photography by Veronique Chesnel

Another beautiful French castle in Provence to sign your love commitment in. Its stunning gardens and elegant ballroom make Château de Tourreau the perfect choice for a romantic and sophisticated union.

  1. Château de Sannes - PROVENCE

As you realize by now, Provence is home to some of the most beautiful chateau venues in the world, each with its own unique charm and character. Another breathtaking estate is Château de Sannes, offering on-site accommodations for up to 16 guests and can host up to 200 guests for your wedding. With its breathtaking views and luxurious amenities, this place is a top choice for those seeking a truly romantic experience.

  1. Château de Varennes - BURGUNDY

The last, but not least on my extensive list of the best Chateau wedding venues in Paris and France is this fairytale property located in the heart of Burgundy. Château de Varennes is a charming 18th-century castle that has been lovingly restored and transformed into a luxury wedding venue. The property is set on over 30 acres of stunning gardens, orchards, and vineyards, offering the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding.

Moreover, it can accommodate up to 40 guests with its 19 elegantly furnished rooms, making it an ideal location for a weekend celebration. The rooms are beautifully decorated with a mix of modern amenities and antique furnishings, offering your beloved guests the ultimate comfort and luxury.

One of my personal highlights of this venue is the in-house Michelin-rated chef who will create a culinary experience that will leave you and your guests in awe. The menu features the finest locally sourced ingredients and the chef will work with you - and with your English and Chinese speaking wedding planner in France, to create a menu that reflects your personal taste and style.

Whether you're looking for a romantic escape near Paris, a grand celebration in the Loire Valley, or a luxurious affair in the heart of Provence, there is the best Chateau wedding venue in Paris and France to suit your needs.

As a professional planner specializing in chateau weddings in France, I know how important it is to find the perfect venue for your special day. That's why I recommend these venues to my clients, and I'm confident they will exceed your expectations.

If you're looking for a French and English speaking wedding planner based in France who can help you plan your dream castle celebration in Paris or France, I invite you to discover my services. I am passionate about helping you with every step – from finding the perfect venue to selecting the best vendors and creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.

As a chateau wedding planner in Paris, I also have extensive knowledge of these venues and can help you find the perfect one to match your one-of-a-kind love story. With a whole palette of options, I am confident you will find the one that speaks to you. If you wish me to relieve you from the planning challenges, I would be honored to make your lavish wedding in France a wonderful blend of luxury, history, and romance and a truly unforgettable soiree.

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