French Chateau Wedding

Planning a Chateau wedding in France

When you think of a French chateau wedding, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it the elegance and refinement of the setting? The opulence of the decor? Or perhaps it is the romance of a venue steeped in history and tradition?

Well, if any of these descriptions sound like what you're looking for, I would be honored to realize your dreams by planning your wedding in a French Chateau!

The experience is always new and exciting, but there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your luxury chateau wedding. Here are my top tips for choosing the right one for your needs:

1. How to choose the perfect French Chateau for your wedding

Choosing the perfect venue is an important decision – and one you'll want to get right.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering which chateau is best for you:

What's included?

It's important to think about what you want to be included with your package. Some chateau offer accommodation as part of their packages, while others do not. Be sure to ask about this before booking so you can make sure you have everything covered!

How many rooms do you need?

Chateau come in all sizes – from small and intimate wedding venues to grand lavish ones that can accommodate hundreds! It's important to think about the space needed for your guests during the ceremony and reception, as well as how many rooms would you require for sleeping after the reception has ended – especially if you're planning on staying overnight.

How big is the property?

The size of the property is also important because it will affect where exactly on the property you can set up your ceremony and reception space. If there are multiple buildings on the property and multiple spaces, it's important to think about how you want guests to move around during the event. Do you want a separate space for each event? Will people have to walk across the property to get from one place to another?

What kind of amenities does it have?

A property with a lot of amenities is ideal because it allows you to customize your wedding day experience. If there's an outdoor swimming pool, for example, you can host an after-party there for guests who want to stay late or spend the night onsite.

2. Why you should hire an English speaking & French Wedding Planner?

Hiring an English speaking wedding planner is one of the most important decisions you'll make in planning your nuptials. It's not just about finding someone with the right skills and experience, but also someone who understands your needs as an international couple.

Having someone on your team who speaks both languages will help ensure that the vision you have for your organization is carried out exactly the way it was intended. It's easy for things to get lost in translation when there's no one there to make sure things are being communicated correctly!

Plus, as a Paris based wedding planner, I know where to find all the best venues and vendors in France. That means I know exactly who will give you what you need at the price point that works for your budget.

3. Reasons to have a wedding in a French Chateau

When it comes to planning a French chateau wedding, the grandeur of these historic buildings makes them the perfect setting for any ceremony or reception. You can host your reception indoors in the castle's ballroom, or outside if you want to take advantage of the estate's magnificent grounds.

And don't worry about feeling too formal – French chateau are known for their casual elegance, so you can plan a celebration that's intimate and romantic without sacrificing style.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a French chateau wedding:

-Privacy: You don't want to feel like your romantic chateau wedding is being put on display for everyone to see, and that's what you'll get from most other venues. A French chateau will give you the privacy and intimacy you need for your special day.

-Beauty: French chateau are known for their gothic architecture and grandeur, which makes them amazing backdrops for any kind of event. Whether you want to hold your ceremony outside or inside, there are plenty of options in this type of venue.

-Romance: There's something about getting married in a castle that seems very romantic. It's easy to picture yourself as royalty when you're surrounded by such history. And who doesn't want to feel like royalty on their iconic day?

-Wedding photos: One of the best things about getting married in a castle is that it makes for some amazing wedding images. You and your partner can be photographed in front of any number of beautiful backdrops and intricate details, which will make for fantastic visual keepsakes.

-Architecture: They are beautiful, and they're full of unique architectural details that make them even more spectacular. From stained glass windows to spiral staircases and stone walls, a castle wedding venue offers plenty of opportunities for you to get creative with your bespoke decor.

-Historic Significance: As an added bonus, many castles have been around for centuries – and they were even used as homes by royalty! This makes them very significant historically.

As you can see, planning a French chateau wedding is a unique and exciting experience. You'll have the opportunity to create an event that's as romantic as it is elegant. There's no better way to celebrate the love between two people than by hosting their exclusive wedding in a chateau!

If you're looking for an expert to help you plan your own chateau wedding, look no further! As a wedding planner and wedding coordinator, I have worked with couples from around the world to create beautiful weddings in chateau.

As a Paris based wedding planner, coordinator, or just someone to talk to about how to plan and execute a French chateau wedding, I'd be happy to help! Just reach out with any questions you may have – I'm here for you.

chateau de villette outdoor view
by Sorya Pedoussaut photography

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