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From Hong Kong to Paris destination wedding

While weddings are dreamy on their own, destination weddings are absolute magic!

There is something special about curating a union that intertwines the best of two worlds. The romance, emotions, memories, and one-of-a-kind experience – will all serve as the most beautiful beginning for your life together. Exactly this makes me passionate about being a wedding planner based in Paris. The opportunity to curate the most iconic celebration of my couple’s lives in the city of love itself is both a pleasure and a privilege.

Because my work lives and breathes in the name of Parisian romance, I would love to show you how such an event would feel. Recently, I had the pleasure of organizing a Hong Kong wedding in Paris. Not only was it realized with the utmost attention to detail, but my couple and their guests enjoyed every minute in this glorious city.

Eleanore and Simon’s gorgeous “From Hong Kong to Paris destination wedding” was a multi-day event since they wanted to experience the city’s allure to the fullest. Without further ado, let me walk you through their bridal story and show you how effortless such a celebration can be with my Paris luxury wedding planning services.

DAY 1: Welcome Cocktail on the seine River

Even though Eleanor and Simon traveled for fourteen hours for their Hong Kong wedding in Paris, I wanted them to have the most spectacular welcome in this European metropolis. I organized a wonderful cocktail party for the couple and their guests to unwind as soon as they arrived. However, I also wanted to introduce a unique element for all to enjoy Paris’ captivating beauty. Thus, I enriched the welcome party with a boat cruising along the Seine. Everyone was simply in awe!

While everyone was enjoying themselves, I took the time to explain the whole timeline of the events, which also included all the activities that they wished to see in Paris. With that, they knew what would be done each day, allowing them to prepare accordingly.

DAY 2: Wedding day

The Hong Kong to Paris destination wedding took place on the second day. I was glad the couple chose the astounding Hotel Le Marois. The hotel is genuinely captivating with its refined and authentic Parisian style. What is more, the beautiful decor and the possibility to customize the rooms according to the couple's needs made it perfect for their Hong Kong wedding in Paris.

One of my favorite things to plan was their symbolic ceremony. It was enriched with a harpist and a celebrant, where Eleanor and Simon vowed eternal love. The gentle melodies of the harp contributed to the whole ambiance, fitting into the sophisticated aesthetics of this city.

To allow everyone to savor the newlywed bliss, I organized a cocktail hour. Of course, the toast was made with authentic French champagne, which made the celebration even more opulent than we initially thought!

When it comes to the reception, I arranged the ballroom of Le Marois with two long tables so all of their 60 guests could be seated comfortably. In that way, their guests could communicate with each other seamlessly, which created the perfect atmosphere for the Hong Kong to Paris destination wedding. At dinner, guests had the opportunity to taste French specialties prepared by top chefs. I always work closely with the venue team to ensure outstanding dining.

Afterward, the DJ created a sensational party, and everybody had the time of their lives. Finally, the celebration was crowned with a stunning wedding cake that impressed everyone. As an established and experienced Chinese wedding planner based in Paris, I have a whole palette of vendors with whom I cooperate. I always work with the right cake artists and musicians for the reception to unfold flawlessly and fully reflect your vision.

wedding cake gold and white

DAY 3: Post Wedding activity

For the third day of this “From Hong Kong to Paris destination wedding”, I planned various activities for the couple and their guests. I wanted them all to experience the French capital's beauty and quintessence. Naturally, our first stop was the Chateau de Versailles, where the wedding party reveled in the magnificence of the Royal Suite.

Eleanor and Simon are also huge art lovers, so the chance to visit the Picasso Museum was not to be missed. In addition, they were involved in an engaging workshop at the Paris Fragonard Museum. This is actually a private perfume museum where the couple and their guests had the opportunity to learn about the mystical world of perfume making.

I organized all the activities according to the couple's interests and what they wanted to see during their Paris stay. And being a professional wedding planner based in Paris enabled me to ensure an extraordinary experience for all. With my expertise in tailoring everything to their convenience, they had the opportunity to learn everything regarding the chosen sights – without a language barrier.

DAY 4: Champagne Getaway

On the fourth day of Eleanor and Simon's Paris destination wedding, they visited Epernay. This city is located a little more than 100 kilometers north of Paris and is simply otherworldly!

By visiting the local wineries in Epernay, they learned about the astonishing culture and production of champagne, an authentic French drink. Such experience made their Hong Kong to Paris destination wedding unique, which is exactly what they strived for. The visit to this city finished with lunch in a restaurant overlooking the magnificent wine fields. I also ensured everyone had a short free time to soak in the surroundings before returning to Paris.

Like the activities in Paris, the couple chose the nearby town they wanted to visit during their stay. I know Paris inside and out, but with me by your side, we can take the time to explore some glorious cities surrounding it, too. In this way, I will make sure you and your guests have the time of your lives and completely immerse yourselves in the luxurious ambiance of the luminous metropolis.

Destination weddings in Paris are always a great idea. In addition to holding your special day in a place you've always wanted, you'll also be able to explore and learn more about the rich culture. Although organizing usually is more complicated than it seems, by having my Paris luxury wedding planning services at your disposal, you won’t have a single worry.

As an expert offering the Paris wedding experience to Hong Kong couples, I will create a memorable event beyond your expectations. But what is important is that since I speak Chinese, English, and French, you won’t need to worry if your vision is understood and perfectly translated to the vendor team. Plus, I’m here to help you every step of the way – from the very selection of the venue to the type and number of activities during the stay.

Did you feel inspired by this “From Hong Kong to Paris destination wedding” and wish to experience your own magic in this iconic city? Whether you dream of an intimate affair or a lavish celebration, contact me and let me create a memorable wedding.

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