A Parisian Destination Wedding Guide

Paris Wedding Planner tips for a Destination Wedding in Paris

Paris destination wedding
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Is it your dream to have a Paris luxury wedding? The romantic scenery, and elegant architecture are just a few reasons why couples who want to get married choose to do so in Paris. Although it can be a daunting task, the process can be made easier by following this Paris destination wedding guide.

1. Plan ahead of time your destination wedding

If you want to have a destination wedding in Paris, planning ahead of time is essential. This way, you can do things smoothly without stress as you have more than enough time to do everything. It is recommended to start planning a year before your target date.

2. Set your budget for a luxury wedding in Paris

It doesn't mean you're not allowed to spend lavishly in this extravagant country. Just make sure that you've taken into consideration all the other expenses. Such as your venue, accommodation, and hiring a Paris wedding planner first before indulging in shopping in the fashion capital of the world.

3. Get a wedding planner based in Paris

It is always better to get the help of an expert who knows how to plan a wedding in Paris and a flawless experience of the country. This is why we provide full-service wedding planning. I'm a Paris based wedding planner that can help you plan your pre-wedding activities, from a spa session, picnic or a shopping spree down to your honeymoon. I have full-service planning and a bridal concierge focused on the whole experience, in order for you to enjoy your entire stay in Paris!

4. Logistics and Accommodation for Weddings in Paris, France

This is where having an English speaking French wedding planner comes as an advantage for couples planning a destination affair. As an expert, I know the finest accommodation for you and your guests. Plus, I'll be able to take care of the logistics for you. All you'll need to do is say your preferences.

5. Send out invites for your Destination Wedding in Paris

Once you have your dates and confirm everything else (with my help, of course!), sending your invitation to your guests is the next step you should do quickly. This is so they can plan as well and seal the dates on their calendar.

6. Prepare for cultural differences

Couples who are planning to have a French, American or Chinese marriage in this magnificent location, often find it challenging to deal with the cultural differences – but not with me. I have a multicultural background that understands cultural differences and various traditions. I'm a native French, so there won't be any problem communicating on your behalf. In addition to that, I also speak Chinese!

7. Know the legalities

It might sound impressive to experience a sumptuous romance in Paris, but it involves more than just being there for your celebration of love. You should also know the legalities of marrying in this exquisite place. For that reason, I am here to guide you.

Since the symbolic ceremony is not legally recognized in France and would require a lot of complicated paperwork and either one of the couple becoming a resident for at least 40 days in this lovely country, I advise an easier way for you to do so. It is better for couples to get married legally in their own country before or after their dream Paris luxury wedding. That way, you will have more freedom on how you want to celebrate your love in the capital city of France. Just be careful with administration management, such as visas in some countries.

8. Choose the perfect venue based on your preferences

Every corner of Paris is known to induce a loving effect on anyone. Nonetheless, finding the perfect spot for you to start your happily ever after can be crucial, especially if you want to make sure that everything is as elegant as it should be. Plus, you have to book a venue as early as possible to avoid having it fully booked on your preferred date. I invite you to discover my selection of luxurious venues as options for you to do your marriage ceremony.

Ritz Paris

I would say that this place is luxurious in its finest form – a unique and lavish location in the heart of Paris on Place Vendôme. Ritz Paris is a legendary palace hotel restored in its original 19th-century opulence that added more to its indescribable charm and history. Their enormous gardens and terraces were a perfect site for a chic and elegant wedding in Paris. I highly recommend an outdoor garden ceremony for scenic nuptial festivities full of lots of natural beauty. In addition to that, the garden space is connected to the dinner reception ballrooms, which makes the entire experience flawless.

Pro tip: Don't miss out on having dinner in le salon d’Été. You can also have fun with a post-wedding activity by enrolling at the Ritz Escoffier cooking school located in the hotel's kitchen.

Paris destination wedding planner
Ritz Paris by Saya Photography


Personally, if I would choose the best wedding venue in Paris, Shangri-La would be my top choice. As soon as you're inside this hotel, you will be in awe of its aristocratic design. Its historical charm, multiple setup options, lovely little terrace overlooking the Eiffel tower, and superb menu inspired by a chef with two Michelin stars are more than enough reasons to fall in love with this location. Not to mention how you'll feel like royalty with its world-class service. So, if you want to have a stunning, luxurious, and black-tie marriage reception, this venue is a perfect fit for you.

Pro tip: Have a cocktail party in a room called Gallery. Your guests will be delighted to walk up the majestic stairways and have a relaxing moment while being served ice-cold champagne and refined finger foods.

Hotel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel

For your special day in the city of love, Le Crillon provides a sublime marriage venue with a sumptuous backdrop for you to enjoy. It is such a fairy-tale location for a very memorable moment of your life. I especially love the trio of gorgeous historical salons that you can choose from, Salon Marie-Antoinette, Salon Des Aigles, and Salon Des Batailles. Le Crillon is guaranteed to bewitch your senses.

Pro tip: Their event ballrooms are connected to a balcony overlooking the Place de la Concorde with views of the sparkling Eiffel Tower, and Jardin des Tuileries.

The Parisian Peninsula hotel

Plunge into a world of elegance and refinement in another high-end wedding venue- the Peninsula hotel. This 5-star hotel with lovely Haussmannian interiors and palace standards is unbeatable for its accessibility to famous landmarks and the best views in the city. For a destination wedding in Paris, you will love how it's only minutes away from l'Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, and the Place de la Concorde. I can't advocate this place enough for those couples who want to explore the city of lights in all its glory.

Pro-tip: Do you want to have a relaxing moment before or after your big day? Make the most out of your stay in the Peninsula hotel by having a luxurious spa. They are home to the largest luxury hotel spa in Paris that will definitely exceed all your pampering dreams and provide you with a zen environment to help you relax more.

Hotel Le Marois

This Louis XV-inspired romantic grandeur is entwined with luxury and sophistication. Designed with mythological paintings on the ceiling, gilded moldings, and marble fireplaces, Hotel Le Marois willgive every couple the perfect backdrop for a lavish high-end Paris destination wedding. This prestigious location is also open to customizing its setup based on your preferences and needs.

Pro-tip: Couples don't have to worry about restrictions when it comes to late-night parties, as you are free to celebrate as much as you want to. Contrary to its name, Hotel Le Marois is not a hotel but a private reception venue that accommodates one event per day. So, you will have the whole place for yourself!

Paris luxury wedding planner

Hotel Salomon de Rothschild

If you are planning a destination wedding in Paris and would like to have as many options as you can in one location, I suggest considering Hotel Salomon de Rothschild. It is an intimate venue that will surely exceed all your expectations because of its versatility. With eight reception rooms that you can choose from, you will surely find the place that suits you the best. Every room has been perfectly renovated to have a classic style and is fully refurbished. It also has the latest audiovisual equipment to help your event run seamlessly.

Pro-tip: Despite the consistent aesthetic of this location, each reception space is unique. From a sun-bathed room with a view to a basement where you can play more with lighting, the choice is up to you.

Chateau de Chantilly

I completely agree with how this venue is called the Island of Love. It's easy to see how this is a favorite place to go to for a destination wedding in Paris. It has a lot of different activities that you can enjoy while absorbing the beauty of your surrounding. There are many things to experience for those who love history, art, nature, or animals. It is indeed a haven for couples who want to make a vacation out of their special day. Not to mention the picturesque outdoor view that will serve as the perfect backdrop as you tie the knot.

Pro-tip: If you want something more intimate and indoor, look no further, Château de Chantilly also has Maison Sylvie. This restored 17th-century is perfect for a small once-in-a-lifetime event.

Paris luxury wedding planner
Château de Chantilly by Elizaveta Photography

Chateau de Villette

This is a venue that is perfect for intimate and micro celebrations. Despite this, Château de Villette is ideal for a high-end wedding because of how luxurious the ambiance is. You'll be surrounded by luscious greens, lovely flowers, and exquisite architecture as a venue for your union.

Pro-tip: Are you a fan of movies? This Place was used in the filming of a blockbuster film, The Da Vinci Code. How extraordinary would it feel to say your "I DOs" in such a distinguished site?

French Chateau wedding planner
Château de Villette by Sorya Pedoussaut photography

Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte

Grab the rare opportunity to celebrate your love in such a regal location like Château de Vaux le Vicomte. This magical castle will make you feel like absolute royalty. The classical structure of the castle stood in a well-curated ground that you will instantly feel like you're about to meet the royal family.

Pro-tip: There is a reason why this high-end wedding venue doesn't have as many events as it should be. It is because it is as expensive as it looks. With their rates, only a few couples could afford it. So, if you're someone who can, then you absolutely should have your union here.

Musée Rodin

Tucked away from the center of Paris, the Musée Rodin is a hidden treasure of arts and hectares of captivating gardens. Getting married in this gem of a place will give you the ultimate Parisian luxury that you deserve.

Pro-tip: In this location, you have an option to have an indoor or outdoor event. Couples can enjoy the wonderful interiors or the calm three-hectare gardens dotted with beautiful sculptures and artworks. Now that's what a real Paris luxury wedding would look like!

Chateau de Santeny

There is a sense of exclusivity when it comes to Château de Santeny as towers of trees gorgeously surround the entire place. It also has a ballroom that looks so luxurious which came as no surprise because of the charmingly captivating outdoor structure.

Pro-tip: You can have your ceremony outdoor in the main entrance since it is aesthetically appealing. Then have a cocktail hour in their perfectly trimmed lawn before proceeding to the ballroom for dinner.

French Chateau wedding planner
Château de Santeny by Elizaveta Photography

9. Have fun on your special day

In essence, what genuinely matters is that you both feel happy on your special day. Not only that but also to relish the whole experience, along with the pre and post-wedding day activities.

Every couple deserves to have a stress-free Paris luxury wedding. I have one goal – for you to enjoy all the best Paris has to offer. Thus, it will be my greatest pleasure to put my knowledge and experience to assist you. Connect with me and let's create your dream destination wedding together!

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